About me

Hi there!

I’m Natasha. A full-time journalist and a part-time cook. I love experimenting with food and different cuisines. I’m always on the lookout for recipes. I love taking inspiration from recipes and putting my own spin on it and customising it for the Indian palette. Take me to a farmers market and I’ll be your best friend! Being a working woman on the quest for healthy food, I’m always trying to make food that can be made in under an hour. While Delhi has some amazing food to offer, it also has tons of oil which made me sick when I moved here 3 years ago. Limited to eating home food I started cooking for myself and well I haven’t looked back since!

I grew up in a beautiful country in the Middle East called Oman. Muscat has traditional markets called souqs where they sell fresh produce like dates, vegetables and fruits, mountain honey, even fresh fish and cattle. I loved going to souqs with my parents. We would pick fresh local bounty and cook with them. My parents share my passion for food. My father is a hotelier and my mother a brilliant cook. I would spend hours in the kitchen with my mother cooking with her, recreating dishes we saw on TV or read about in a magazine. Thanks to my father I got to travel the world on my plate – tasting crazy food, learning food pairing and well just having fun!


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