Olive tomato and rosemary focaccia

A lovely salty, crusty bread to go with that beautiful glass of wine or just some plain old soup!


Curried couscous with cranberries and chickpeas

Mildly spiced couscous with the right amount of tart and crunch!

Soft pretzel

Salty, soft dough eaten as it, but gets better when stuffed with meat!

Loaded one-pot macaroni

Growing up pasta was one of my least favourite dishes, but now it’s my favourite lazy meal prep dish! Not only is it easy to make, the ingredients can be swapped out or in based on what you have in your fridge. So versatile! Ingredients 2 cups of macaroni half a cup of chopped capsicum,…

Homemade stovetop pita bread and hummus

Growing up in the middle-east a meat shawarma with hummus and garlic mayo┬áis my comfort food. After I moved back to India I crave those juicy sharwarmas with their tangy pickled veggies everyday. That’s a more elaborate deal, but for the time being these fluffy pita breads and warm garlic-y hummus will have to do….