About me

23 year old broke journalist. Wannabe world traveller, big foodie, home baker and jack of all trades.

I’m a lazy person and a journalist who works 9-10 hours a day. I’m tired and exhausted most days as much as I love cooking, I prefer to sleep off the exhaustion – which is why lazy meal prep is my forte! I look for meals and sweet treats I can whip up in an hour. If you’re a lazy cook like or just a busy person, look no further – We got you!

Also, living away from home and family means I don’t have a microwave or oven so I do most of my baking in a pressure cooker. Jugaadu Indian! It gets the job done and I don’t have to spend any extra money, just some extra time scrubbing my pressure cooker clean. I’m kidding! It is though an extremely easy way to bake